Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Summer Camp Here We Come!

First, a shout out to my family...who apparently never got my email about this new blog and were harassing me the other day about how I should start a blog. So check your emails everyone for the blog address....

Second, I'm trying out a new font. I love Verdana. Next to Comic Sans Serif (such a teacher font), it's my favorite. We'll see how this looks.

Okay, so N started summer camp yesterday. M and I had decided to cut some costs this year because I was not supposed to be working this summer..my contract at P University was to expire on June 30th. The local rec center is offering a summer program that was super affordable three days a week for 3 hours a day for six weeks. They said that the kids would learn about ocean life, dinosaurs, rocks, gardening, cooking, and something else...I forget. Anyway, N's best buddy Cole was enrolling so a win-win. CJ would stay home with me those days, and on Tues/Thurs the kids would go to daycare full days so I could do errands and look for a "real job".

So off we went yesterday to his new summer camp. He was a bit clingy at first and refused to wear his nametag (Ms. Denise said that was fine..she'd remember him as "N who refuses to wear a nametag"). Cole showed up and I was all but forgotten. Great..I made my escape. I picked him up at noon, and he'd done great. He was so excited to show me his "ocean" made in a water bottle (something with baby oil and blue food coloring..some shells thrown in there). As we walked home picking wildflowers, he told me all about his new friends, how much he loved his projects, how he was such a good boy, and how happy he was. YES!!

He was a little confuzzled this morning since he was going to his old school, to see his "old friends" and not camp. I'm sure he'll get it all figured out by the end of August..just in time for him to start a brand new preschool...

(As an aside, P University hired me on from July 1 - June 30, 2010..so this cost cutting measure means that I may actually get new couches 13 years later..SCORE!)

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