Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Summer Camp Here We Come!

First, a shout out to my family...who apparently never got my email about this new blog and were harassing me the other day about how I should start a blog. So check your emails everyone for the blog address....

Second, I'm trying out a new font. I love Verdana. Next to Comic Sans Serif (such a teacher font), it's my favorite. We'll see how this looks.

Okay, so N started summer camp yesterday. M and I had decided to cut some costs this year because I was not supposed to be working this summer..my contract at P University was to expire on June 30th. The local rec center is offering a summer program that was super affordable three days a week for 3 hours a day for six weeks. They said that the kids would learn about ocean life, dinosaurs, rocks, gardening, cooking, and something else...I forget. Anyway, N's best buddy Cole was enrolling so a win-win. CJ would stay home with me those days, and on Tues/Thurs the kids would go to daycare full days so I could do errands and look for a "real job".

So off we went yesterday to his new summer camp. He was a bit clingy at first and refused to wear his nametag (Ms. Denise said that was fine..she'd remember him as "N who refuses to wear a nametag"). Cole showed up and I was all but forgotten. Great..I made my escape. I picked him up at noon, and he'd done great. He was so excited to show me his "ocean" made in a water bottle (something with baby oil and blue food coloring..some shells thrown in there). As we walked home picking wildflowers, he told me all about his new friends, how much he loved his projects, how he was such a good boy, and how happy he was. YES!!

He was a little confuzzled this morning since he was going to his old school, to see his "old friends" and not camp. I'm sure he'll get it all figured out by the end of August..just in time for him to start a brand new preschool...

(As an aside, P University hired me on from July 1 - June 30, 2010..so this cost cutting measure means that I may actually get new couches 13 years later..SCORE!)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Disney Here We Come!

N began randomly asking us a few months ago about going to Disney World. Seems he got it into his head that he wanted to go because his buddy Devon had just come back from a vacation there. M and I discussed the possibility of me taking him in January when my parents go, and he'd stay home with CJ because he thought that she was probably too young to appreciate it. But he didn't really want to miss N's first trip. We figured we'd table the conversation for awhile. Fast forward to this past Monday. I was having lunch with my mother and casually mentioned we were thinking of taking the kids at some point. She mentioned it to my dad, who loves to do research, and lo and behold...their timeshare has one unit left for the week of Jan. 9-16th. Did we want it? We had to decide in 24 hours. M is not the type to make decisions hastily. He said yes almost immediately. I told him to think on it, give me an answer in the morning. The answer was the same.

I decided to tell N that we were going to go, and of course...he's 4. He doesn't get the concept of time. My bad. I tried to explain that we'd be going after Christmas, and he now insists we need to break out the Christmas tree and ornaments so that Santa will come, and then we can go. Sigh....I have no doubt that our ride home from school will once again consist of our back and forth about how I will NOT take the Christmas tree down today....

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Oh My...What Have I Done?

I've taken the plunge and started blogging. I read my friends blogs faithfully, even hounding them when they haven't posted something new in awhile. I would often think of what I would write if I had a blog while I was showering, or driving the kids to daycare/preschool, or even while I was working. But to take the plunge? To make the commitment? Yikes...

But here I am...blogging. I work pretty much full time. I have two little kids. I have a husband. Do I even have the time to do this? Guess we'll see. After all, I do work from home...for now anyway.

Anyway, I've decided to blog as a way to keep in touch with my family and friends, though I'm sure that it will take awhile for my dad to read this since he only has dial-up (hi daddy!) So enjoy my ramblings...