Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Disney Here We Come!

N began randomly asking us a few months ago about going to Disney World. Seems he got it into his head that he wanted to go because his buddy Devon had just come back from a vacation there. M and I discussed the possibility of me taking him in January when my parents go, and he'd stay home with CJ because he thought that she was probably too young to appreciate it. But he didn't really want to miss N's first trip. We figured we'd table the conversation for awhile. Fast forward to this past Monday. I was having lunch with my mother and casually mentioned we were thinking of taking the kids at some point. She mentioned it to my dad, who loves to do research, and lo and behold...their timeshare has one unit left for the week of Jan. 9-16th. Did we want it? We had to decide in 24 hours. M is not the type to make decisions hastily. He said yes almost immediately. I told him to think on it, give me an answer in the morning. The answer was the same.

I decided to tell N that we were going to go, and of course...he's 4. He doesn't get the concept of time. My bad. I tried to explain that we'd be going after Christmas, and he now insists we need to break out the Christmas tree and ornaments so that Santa will come, and then we can go. Sigh....I have no doubt that our ride home from school will once again consist of our back and forth about how I will NOT take the Christmas tree down today....

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  1. Congrats on the vacation. Now you have something to look forward to. Kid have NO concept of time. If I tell X that something is going to take 5 minutes his reply is "But 5 minutes is forever!"